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Harmony Server Characters

These are the characters in Masquerade, the virtual nightclub. I designed this club for my graduate project. Masquerade is a nightclub with an element of fantasy that comes through in the DJ's who I've called server architects. They're Roman gods who're said to have designed the servers. In Masquerade there are different servers to choose from which host entirely different themes, decor and music. Although these servers are all so different, they are all in the same club.

Apollo's vision of the disco era is a bright and colourful fantasy. The Harmony Server is a 1970's inspired world with saturated flashing lights, confetti, balloons and interactive dance performances, hosted by the server architect Apollo.

This is the server architect, Apollo. He is the disco dj of the Harmony Server. Like a psychedelic trip, his skin is made of glitter and groovy flowers.

Perched above the dj decks, Apollo levitates in a cloud of mystical smoke. The neon fan from behind him is an ode to Studio 54, a notorious discotheque of the late 1970's in New York.

Guests to the Harmony Server can inhabit the avatar of either a disco manbot or a fembot. Harmony Bots are decorated like a disco dancefloor with bright, multi-coloured panels all over their bodies.

Disco Holograms

Apollo shoots out confetti and balloons for his crowd.