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Ethereal Server Characters

These are the characters in Masquerade, the virtual nightclub. I designed this club for my graduate project. Masquerade is a nightclub with an element of fantasy that comes through in the DJ's who I've called server architects. They're Roman gods who're said to have designed the servers. In Masquerade there are different servers to choose from which host entirely different themes, decor and music. Although these servers are all so different, they are all in the same club.

The Ethereal Server is an ancient fantasy, designed by the server architect, Neptune. His guests worship him as his powerful trident pumps blue ecstasy into the air.

The server architect, Neptune, hosts hedonistic, invite-only parties in the Ethereal Server for VIP guests only.

A video walkthrough of my workflow in creating Neptune's Trident. I first poly-modelled it in 3DS Max. Then in Substance Painter, I textured it and brought it into the Unity Scene.

Neptune's vision for luxury and decadence is manifested in the Ethereal Server. He composes hypnotic beats from the divine power of his trident.

The Ethereal Bots are viewed as godlike in Masquerade and as such, are made of gold and marble. They have the power of Neptune's trident flowing through their glowing veins.

Neptune strikes his trident to open up the skies above the steamy dancers. His subjects are mesmerised by his mist.