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Euphoria Server Characters

These are the characters in Masquerade, the virtual nightclub. I designed this club for my graduate project. Masquerade is a nightclub with an element of fantasy that comes through in the DJ's who I've called server architects. They're Roman gods who're said to have designed the servers. In Masquerade there are different servers to choose from which host entirely different themes, decor and music. Although these servers are all so different, they are all in the same club.

The Euphoria Server is a techno paradise, ruled by the server architect, Venus. She casts magnificent spells to enchant her audience.

Venus is Euphoria's server architect. She generates heavy techno beats to spellbind her minions to the dancefloor.

Venus is a powerful techno goddess whom rules Masquerade.

Guests to the Euphoria Server can inhabit the avatar of either a manbot or a fembot. Euphoria bots have glowing swirls on their bodies to resemble tribal tattoos. Euphoria brings out the most primal desires to dance.

Euphoria Hologram

Venus shoots lasers from her hands into the smoky rave pit and the Euphoria Bots love it.